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Lily Lake Village Code   Posted fees may vary, see Clerk for updated rates

Lily Lake Zoning Map

International Property Maintenance Code 2015 adopted. 

The International Property Maintenance Code 2015 along with all the amendments are available for review at the Village Office during normal business hours.

Below are some of the ordinances that are most commonly called into question:

Ord 2013-07: Allowing domestic hens

Ord 2009-09: Weeds and Grass

Res 2019-12: Animal Control

Ord 2007-07: Signs

Ord 2015-01: Parking in "T" shaped cul-de-sacs and during snow events


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March 15, 2019

Ord. 2017-01: Adopting Prevailing Wage

(Note: IDOL revised some rates, they are on record at the Village Hall for review or visit

Ord. 2017-02: Appropriations for 2017-2018

Ord. 2017-03: Amend Village Code - Zoning - Noise

Ord. 2017-04: SSA Tax Levy


March 15, 2019

Ord. 2018-01: Amend Village Code - Zoning Ord - Accessory Buildings, Fences, B1 Special Use

Ord 2018-02: Amend Village Code - Zoning Ord - Lily Lake Food Mart Variation

Ord 2018-03 Amend Village Code - Zoning - Accessory Vehicles

Ord. 2018-04: Appropriations FY 2019

Ord 2018-05: Small Wireless Facilities

Ord 2018-06: Amend Village Code - Compensation

Ord 2018-08: Adopt Prevailing Wage

Ord 2018-09: Amend Village Code - Compensation

Ord 2018-10: Failed

Ord 2018-11: Amend Zoning Ordinance-SV CSG LL2-Solar

Garden Special Use Application

Ord 2018-12: SSA Tax Levy

Ord 2018-13: Temp Moratorium on Alt Energy Development


March 15, 2019

Ord. 2019-01: Amend Village Code - Minor Subdivision

Ord 2019-02: Map Amendment to Zoning Ord and Variance Approval - Sennett

Ord 2019-03 Repeal Subchapter 8 - Historic District

Ord.2019-04: Amend Village Code - Temporary Accessory Structures

Ord 2019-05: Amend Village Code - Officers

Ord 2019-06: 2019-2020 Appropriations

Ord 2019-07: Amend Village Code - Public Safety - Nuisance - Parking

Ord 2019-08: Amend Village Code - Zoning - Connolley Variation 

Ord 2019-09: Amend Village Code - Cannabis Business Prohibition

Ord 2019-10: Levy and Assessment for FY 2019-2020

Ord 2019-11: Amend Village Code - Streets and ROW - Snow Removal

Ord 2019-12: Amend Ord 2014-06 - Elburn & Countryside FPD Special Use - Permanent 

Ord 2019-13 Amend Village Code - Compensation - Deputy Clerk

Ord 2019-14 Amend Ord 2018-11 - SV CSG (Solar Garden)  LL2  Special Use - Extension


March 15, 2019

Ord. 2020-01: Amend Ordinance 2014-06 ECFPD Special Use Legal Description

To view Ordinances prior to 2017, please visit the Village Office or request a copy through our 'Contact' link.

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View Prevailing Wage:

Via Ordinance, the Village has adopted the most current Prevailing Wage as ascertained by the County of Kane and the State of Illinois. Click above to view these rates.   

Off-Road Vehicle Use

Per State Law, off-road vehicles such as golf carts, atvs, dirt bikes, etc., are not permitted on roadways. If stopped, you ca be ticketed and if under-age,that ticket prevents obtaining a drivers license when of-age. ATVs are allowed on the right-of-way only, not beyond.