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Welcome to the

Village of Lily Lake

Lily Lake is located in the western portion of Kane County, approximately fifty miles west of Chicago.   Neighboring communities include Burlington to the north, Virgil to the west,  Elburn to the south and Campton Hills to the east.   Lily Lake is  within Campton Township, bordering Virgil Township to the west.​​

Incorporated 1990

Population 1032

May  2023

The Village Office is open.  

Committee meetings will be held in the Village Hall and are open to the public.

All members & attendees must adhere to the current phase regulations set forth by the Governor's Office. 

Stay home if you are not well.

The two Simon Anderson Park playground areas, in the Sunset Views Subdivision, will be closed 

May 30-31, 2023 for weed control, weather permitting. (East Sunset Views Drive and Twilight Lane)

There will be green Village marking flags around both play centers as a warning to keep away until the weed control has safely dissipated.

Thank-you for your patience, and as a reminder, no motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted anywhere in the park, other than the designated driveway and parking lot.

Village President

Kelly Diehl

Village Clerk / foia Officer

Jesse Heffernan

Deputy Clerk

Juliette Kerr


David Anderson, Donald Butler, Pam Conn,  

Tim Dell, Mary Ormond, Travis Parry

FOIA Officer: Village Clerk

FOIA form

Village Plan Commission Chair

Jeff Lee

Plan Commissioners:

Glenn Bork, Janice Hill, 

Leo Kowal, Cheryl Pollak, Dan Turner

Illinois Rental Assistance