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Welcome Spring!

April 2021

The Village Office will remain open and is accepting appointments for personal visits.  

Walk-ins are also welcome; face coverings are required.  

Committee meetings will be held in the Village Hall and will be open to the public.  

All members & attendees must adhere to the current phase regulations 

set forth by the Governor's Office. 

Stay home if you are not well.

Follow the guidelines below to submit comments in lieu of attending meetings in person.

Sanitation routines have been increased and hand soap/hand sanitizer 

is readily available to all who visit.   


Click HERE to connect to the Kane County Health Department -COVID-19

Click HERE to connect to the Illinois COVID-19 website

Click HERE to connect to the US CDC COVID-19 website

COVID-19 Shelter in Place - Remote Meeting Attendance Procedure:

During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order, all meetings which are not canceled or do not meet the current Phase regulations set forth by the Governor's Office will be held remotely. Agendas will be posted as early as possible, allowing the public to submit comments for the Board and Committees to read.

Submission of comments will be accepted by:

• voicemail at (630.365.9677)

• email at ([email protected])

• post-delivered mail at (Village of Lily Lake, 43W955 Twilight Ln., Ste A, St. Charles, Il 60175)

• leaving comments in the drop-box under the Village display board at the north entrance to the Village Hall.

All comments MUST have your name clearly printed and signed along with full address, phone number, and email (if available).

If you would like to listen to a remotely held meeting, a request for the phone number/access code must be received no later than 1 day before the scheduled meeting.

Your request needs to state:

• your name in full

• the phone number you will be using to access the meeting

• the meeting you wish to hear

You may send your request the same way as submitting comments (above). The Clerk will call the requester’s phone number shortly before the posted remote meeting is scheduled to be held and will provide the meeting phone number/access code.

Meetings will continue to follow the posted agenda, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance and allowing Public Comment during the scheduled time on the agenda only.

Please respect this set time to speak and hold additional comments for another time. The Clerk is keeping regular office hours and will accept additional comments then.

Thank-you for your patience during this altered time and stay well!

Please revisit this site for continued updates.

Welcome to the

Village of Lily Lake

Lily Lake is located in th​e western portion of Kane County, approximately fifty miles west of Chicago. Neighboring communities include Burlington to the north, Virgil to the west, Elburn to the south and Campton Hills to the east. Lily Lake is primarily within Campton Township, with portions lying in Virgil Township to the west.​​

Incorporated 1990

Population 1000

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Village President

Rick Overstreet

Village Clerk

Jesse Heffernan

Deputy Clerk

Juliette Kerr


Pam Conn, Mary Damisch, Tim Dell

Kelly Diehl, Mike Florian 

Village Public Works Director

Erik Hoofnagle

Village Plan Commission Chair

Steve Zahn

Plan Commissioners:

Dan Turner, Glenn Bork

Cheryl Pollak